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¿Vamos a Mexico?

If you can excuse a pun in bad taste, my trip to Mexico is off to a shaky start. I was set to fly into Mexico City last Wednesday. On Tuesday, I had gone through the full pre-trip checklist: the bags were packed to their brim (I travel carry-on only), I had my Mexican Pesos, I put in travel notices on the credit cards, I took screenshots of the itinerary, and I even booked an "onward travel" flight out of Mexico. Late that afternoon, a news alert popped up reading "7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico City". It would gradually emerge that the earthquake had caused dozens of buildings to collapse in the capital city, damaging untold numbers of others, and likely leaving hundreds dead. Large sections of the city were without power and traffic ground to a halt as street lights no longer worked. Residents were warned not to light cigarettes due to possible severed gas lines. It wasn't long before the calls came in from my parents urging me to delay the trip. While disappointed, I know it was the right move. I pushed the flight back by a week.

Barring any further mishaps, I will be leaving in three days. I fly in to Mexico City and catch a connecting flight to Queretaro, my first stop (Mexico City will come later). Here is a very rough schedule of my travel:

9/27 - 10/2 Queretaro

10/2 - 10/3 San Miguel de Allende

10/3 - 10/10 Guanajuato

10/10 - 10/24 Guadalajara

10/24 - 11/7 Mexico City

11/7 - 11/14 Oaxaca

11/14 - 11/21 San Cristobal de las Casas

11/22 Come home or continue into Guatemala?

Itinerary for Mexico

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