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From Machu Picchu, we boarded a train back to Cusco, spent a few more nights there, then flew to Peru's capital, Lima. With a population of 10 million just in the city proper alone, Lima is the third largest city in the Americas behind Sao Paulo and Mexico City.

The airport is actually located outside of the city, in the Callao District. The drive in from the airport isn't pretty.

Much better. The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist, originally built in 1535.

The historic Plaza Mayor, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The most popular place to stay for tourists is easily Miraflores, an affluent neighborhood with upscale shopping and restaurants and gorgeous seaside parks.

You can see how Miraflores butts up against the cliffs that guard the coast.

Parque del Amor.

Some great street art in the hipster area of Barranco.

From Lima, we made several day trips. Below are our pics from Lunahuana, a small town nestled in the mountains.

Me next to a small mountain of used grapes.

Wine tasting in Lunahuana.

We also visited the desert oasis of Huacachina, where you can spend the day lounging around the lake before taking a ride in a dune buggy (driven by a certified Peruvian; in normal traffic that's a bad thing but in this case it's a hell of a lot of fun).

Food: 6/10, Name: 10/10

She has a habit of jumping into my selfies. Not amused Tania. Not amused.

Whereas I try to jump out of frame...not quick enough though.

My crew.

One of my favorite photos of the trip.

Then again, you can't take a bad picture out here.

Desert towns speckle the highway on the way back to Lima.

Roberto :)

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