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In Lima, I said goodbye to my Mexican buddies. As they flew back home, I was flying to the small city of Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is only home to about 100,000 people, but it's a big draw for tourists thanks to its position at the base of the Andes...oh, and wine. The area around Mendoza is the largest wine producing area in all Latin America, making Mendoza one of the nine Great Wine Capitals.

Flying over the Andes in Chile.

Apparently the indigenous tribes here developed a system of irrigation that the Spanish later expanded, planting trees along literally every street in the city. I dig it. The city has a very laid back, European feel to it.

There are lots of lovely open plazas in the city center.

Flan 🤤

One of those "only in Latin America" moments. If you need something, you don't always have to go and buy it right away. There's a reasonable chance that a vendor will waltz in to your restaurant and sell you exactly what you need.

I do not personally frequent Maggot Perfumery.

If you made it this far, here's a bonus for my readers: the resident parrot at my AirBnB in Mendoza.

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