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My last stop before making it to Mexico City is in Cuernavaca (“cow’s horn”). Cuernavaca is a popular weekend destination for residents of Mexico City, who favor its slightly warmer climate in the fall and winter. While there are some lovely parks in the city, I didn’t get to visit any of them, as I was still recovering from food poisoning in Toluca. I did get to tour the town center though.

The central plaza is anchored by the Palace of Cortes. It was built in 1526, atop an Aztec tribute gathering place, making it the oldest colonial era civil structure in the continental Americas. It was originally the fortified home of Hernan Cortes. During the war of independence, it was used as a jail and barracks. Later, it was used as the seat of the government of the state of Morelos. Finally, today, it serves as a museum of the region.

Because of course there's a Starbucks next to this 500 year old fortress.

You can still see some remnants of the Day of the Dead here too.

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