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Medellin - Take 2

I always knew I'd be back in Medellin someday. Tania and I flew from Bogota, where she'd spend her last few days of her trip with me.

Medellin is sometimes called the "city of lights".

First up was the famous free downtown walking tour (one I missed doing when I was here the first time).

This Botero piece was bombed back in the 90s while a concert was taking place nearby. Botero himself refused to let it be taken down, now standing as a reminder of the violence of the city's past.

We took the metrocable, which takes you well up into the hills and offers some great views.

If there's one obligatory day trip from Medellin, it's a visit to Penol Rock and the nearby town of Guatape.

It's about 800 steps to the top, but the views are worth it.

From the big stone, it's a short bus ride to the always colorful, always photogenic, always touristy, Guatape.

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