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Puerto Vallarta

Having had a taste of small, medium, and large cities in Mexico, I decided to check out the coast. I stayed in town, rather than in the resorts to the north, to save money and infuse a very touristy location with some of the authentic Mexican charm that I was growing increasingly fond of. This unfortunately meant that the beaches were none too attractive, and swimming was ill-advised given the notorious rip tides, making it hard to get relief from the heat and humidity. Nevertheless, strolling the boardwalk was pleasantly picturesque, and you never knew what entertainment you’d find there, from musicians to clowns to fire jugglers.

A delight for the eyes and a drear for the ears, the cobble stone streets, though charming, are gradually being replaced with concrete, much to the delight of anyone who owns a car here.

Plaza Principal, the preferred nightly gathering spot for those who prefer not to imbibe the deafening debauchery of the boardwalk night clubs. We really need more public spaces like this in the US.

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